Clavia Nord – iPad mount + extension + holder – complete set

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Clavia Nord – iPad mount + extension + holder – complete set



Brand: W3BRR
Additional info

Yes! It’s finally here! We now have our own iPad holder, the TABLink Pro mount and the extension available in one SET!
With this product you can replace your music stand bracket (on selected Nord models) and use your iPad without having to use a seperate stand. No drilling, you can use the existing screws.
Unlocking the potential

The TABLink Pro SET for Nord keyboards is designed to make it an integral part of your overall setup. No drilling is necessary, and you can leave that second stand at home! The TABLink Pro SET mount can be left attached while using the soft case; no need to unscrew it every time you are done with your gig.

Your iPad is protected by padding that is applied at crucial positions on the holder.

Key features and benefits

Effortless Integration: Designed to replace your existing music stand, the TABLink Pro mount provides a direct and secure mounting point for your tablet holder. This eliminates the need for additional stands or improvised solutions, so your tablet is always within reach. If you want to combine our mount with your music stand, that is also possible. Send me a message when you are interested.
The TABLink Pro SET contains a customized mount that replaces the Nord music stand and allows for a standard microphone boom to be fixed into the tubing part. That is why we also included the K&M20001 extension.

You can leave the TABLink mount attached at all times, there is no need to take it off. Setting up your iPad is now a question of seconds, and there is no need to carry a seperate stand.
With the ballhead that is attached to the holder, you have all the flexibility you need.

What is included:
– Custom W3BRR iPad holder (only suited for normal size iPad)
– K&M20001 extension
– TABLink Pro mount (including K&M thumb screw)
– Ball head with adapter

The iPad holder supports the standard 3/8″ thread as well as the 1/4″ camera thread. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Additional info
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm
Holder color

Red, Black

Mount color

Red, Black

Nord model

Nord Stage 4 88/73, Nord Stage 4 Compact, Nord Stage 3 88/HP76, Nord Stage 3 Compact Rev B, Nord Stage 2, Nord Stage 2 EX 88/HP76, Nord Stage Rev B, Nord Piano 5 88, Nord Piano 5 73, Nord Piano 4, Nord Piano 3, Nord Piano 2 88, Nord Piano 2 HP, Nord Stage 2 HP, Nord PIano 88, Nord Electro 3-4-5-6 HP, Nord Elctro 6D 73, Nord Electro 6D 61, Nord Grand

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