KeyRise – Keyboard/MIDI controller/Pedal supports for Clavia Nord

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KeyRise – Keyboard/MIDI controller/Pedal supports for Clavia Nord

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Are you a musician who’s tired of juggling multiple keyboards and stands during performances? Do you wish there was a solution that could seamlessly elevate your musical experience? Your wait is over!

Introducing the KeyRise accessory for Nord Keyboards

We are excited to introduce our latest innovation: the KeyRise accessory for Nord Keyboards. Designed to simplify your musical setup and enhance your performance, this 3D-printed accessory is a game-changer for musicians everywhere.

Unleashing Creative Possibilities

Musicians often find themselves needing an extra tier of keyboards to fully express their creativity during live performances or studio sessions. Our KeyRise accessory offers an elegant solution that transforms your Nord Keyboard into a versatile powerhouse. Say goodbye to the hassle of having to carry around multiple stands; the KeyRise fits in your Nord gig bag or back pack.

Stability and down force

Ok, I get it. You worry about stability, and trust me; I have seen the comments from people that don’t even know how this platform works. The KeyRise platform does NOT simply rely on the screws on the back; all the weight of the KeyRise platform and the forces of you playing, is directed to the top of your Nord, protected by rubber bumpons that are attached to the supports; the brackets on the back are there only for guidance. I have designed the KeyRise support system to hold keyboards up to 3-4 kilograms without any problem. And I do adjust my designs to the devices involved, according to their weight and their use.

Key Features that Set Us Apart

  1. Seamless Integration: The KeyRise platform has been  designed to seamlessly integrate with Nord Keyboards. It attaches securely to your existing instrument using the built-in screws on the back, eliminating the need for any drilling or permanent modifications. The weight is directed to the top of your Nord, not to the back.
  2. Universal Compatibility: The flexibility of the KeyRise platform opens the doors to a world of possibilities by supporting a wide range of MIDI controllers and keyboards. From Novation LaunchControl to Korg Nano Kontrol 2, Yamaha Reface, Moog Minitaur, AKAI MPK mini III, and beyond, our accessory accommodates a growing library of designs.
  3. Enhanced Ergonomics: We understand the importance of comfort during long jam sessions or performances. The KeyRise is designed to provide optimal ergonomics, allowing you to effortlessly reach and control your second-tier keyboard while maintaining an ideal playing posture.

Easy Installation

One of the standout features of the KeyRise Pro is its user-friendly installation process. By utilizing the existing screws on your Nord Keyboard, you can attach the accessory within seconds. Take a look at the manual at the instructions page.

Discover More

For in-depth information, compatibility details, and to explore our growing library of supported MIDI controllers and keyboards below. You can also contact me for any questions or more info.

Elevate Your Musical Experience Today

Gone are the days of struggling with multiple stands. The KeyRise accessory for Nord Keyboards redefines convenience and versatility.

What does the package contain:

  • Two printed supports, fitting the Nord Stage 2/3/4 (Compact) and Piano 3/4/5 and Electro 3/4/5/6D models that follow the contour of the top of your Nord (see pictures). The Grand Piano, Nord Wave 2 and Lead A1 have a sharper edge and takes a bit longer to design, but most desigs are already adapted to also support the Wave. The supports have protective bumpons applied where they touch the Nord.
  • Self-adhesive EVA foam. Place them on the supports to support your equipment when necessary, sometimes they are already applied.
  • A manual to make sure the brackets are placed correctly; these can all be found here: instructions


Contact me via the contact page. Some of the custom designs I have in my library:

  • AKAI MPK mini (Mk 3 ONLY)
  • AKAI LPD-8 Mk II
  • ASM Hydrasynth Explorer
  • Roland A-500 Pro
  • Behringer X-Touch Mini
  • Behringer Model D
  • Behringer P16-M
  • Hohner Melodica
  • Strymon Big Sky
  • Mac Book (see NoteRise Pro)
  • (Almost ) any other laptop  (see NoteRise Pro)
  • Jasper tubing system and rack mounts
  • Yamaha Reface
  • KORG Electribe 2s
  • KORG NanoPad
  • KORG NanoKontrol2
  • KORG Microkorg XL
  • MOOG Minitaur
  • MOOG Sub Phatty
  • MOOG Phatty Slim Desktop
  • Morning Star MC6 Pro
  • Novation Launch Control XL
  • Novation LaunchPad Pro
  • Novation Key 37 Mk3
  • Novation SL MkIII
  • Nektar 61 XL+
  • iRig key 37 Pro S1
  • PedalTrain Metro 24 SC
  • Teenage Engineering PO-1
  • Roland A-49
  • Boss RC-505 Loop Station
  • Arturia Keystep 37
  • Arturia Beatstep
  • Arturia Minilab Mk3


Additional info
Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 3 cm
Supports for

AKAI MPK Mini, Yamaha Reface, Korg Nano Kontrol 2, Behringer X-Touch mini, Behringer P16-M, Strymon Big Sky, CME xKey, Custom design, AKAI MPK mini (Mk 3 only), Korg Nano Pad Kontrol 2, Behringer X-Touch Mini, Mac Book/ PC laptop, KORG Electribe 2s, MOOG minitaur, MOOG Phatty Desktop, Novation Launch Control XL, Novation LaunchPad Pro, Novation LaunchKey MK III, Novation SL MkIII, Nektar 61 XL+, iRig key 37 Pro, Roland A-49, Boss RC-505 Loop Station, Arturia Keystep 37, Arturia Beatstep, Arturia Minilab Mk3, Arturia MiniFreak, Hohner Melodica 26/32/Superforce, Morning Star MC6-Pro, PedalTrain Metro 24SC, Field Engineering Groovebox OP-1, Viscount Legend Expander module, Cymatic LP-16, Roland TR-8s


Black, Nord Red

Nord model

Stage 2-3-4 73/76/88, Stage 2 HA/ 3 HP, Stage 2 SW 3/4 Compact, Piano 3-4-5, Electro 3-6 D, Electro HP, Wave 2



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