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KeyRise – the second tier keyboard support platform for Clavia Nord


In the ever-evolving world of music, innovation often takes center stage. Musicians and producers continually seek ways to enhance their craft, striving for efficiency, flexibility, and creativity. KeyRise, a groundbreaking 3D printed accessory, emerges as a game-changer in this quest. Designed to elevate the musical experience, KeyRise boasts several strong points that are reshaping the way musicians approach their instruments.

Effortless Setup

One of KeyRise’s standout features is its effortless installation process. Musicians no longer need to worry about complex setups or drilling holes into their instruments. KeyRise ingeniously utilizes the existing screws on the back of compatible keyboards, eliminating the need for permanent modifications. This ease of installation ensures that musicians can focus on their craft rather than dealing with technicalities.

Sturdy and Reliable

KeyRise is built to last. Crafted with precision using 3D printing technology and high-quality materials, it offers exceptional stability. Musicians can trust that their instruments, whether keyboards or MIDI controllers, will be securely held in place. This robustness is especially crucial during intense live performances when reliability is paramount.

Universal Compatibility

Versatility is a key advantage of KeyRise. It accommodates a wide range of MIDI controllers and keyboards, making it suitable for a variety of musical setups. This compatibility extends to popular brands like Novation, Korg, Yamaha, Moog, AKAI, and more. Musicians can easily swap out their instruments without worrying about compatibility issues, allowing them to experiment and create without limitations. The KeyRise platform makes use of brackets, on which any of the KeyRise supports fit.

Space Optimization

KeyRise isn’t just a tool for improving performance; it’s a space-saving solution. By attaching a second-tier keyboard or controller directly to the primary instrument, musicians can reclaim valuable stage or studio real estate. This streamlined setup is especially beneficial for performers who find themselves in tight spaces or need to share stages with other musicians and don’t want to carry around a second keyboard stand

Quality Craftsmanship

Every KeyRise accessory is cqrefully designed. Custom designs are almost always possible. The 3D printing process ensures precision and attention to detail, resulting in a product that not only functions flawlessly but also looks sleek and professional.

In a world where musical innovation is the name of the game, KeyRise stands out as a remarkable addition to any musician’s toolkit.

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